Custom and Hourly Projects

Hourly Work

When you want some extra help on a project, hire us by the hour. Your hours are good for 3 months from the purchase date and you can divide the hours among multiple projects.

1 Hour: $80

5 Hour block: $350

If you host with us, you might want to check out the Partner Plan which combines hosting and hourly work each month.

Ongoing (or however you want to call it)

Want help on a more consistent and long-term (3 month minimum) basis? Hire us for an 8 hour day. We’ll dedicate the whole day to your project(s) and will work remotely or at your location (if you’re in the Duluth, MN area).

One 8 hour day per month: $420/day

Two 8 hour days per month: $360/day

Four 8 hour days per month: $320/day

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