Once you have a website, you’re going to need to “rent” a server connected to the internet. There are gazillions of choices. Linux vs Windows? Choose Linux. What type of control panel? Choose cPanel.

But, I’m not a fan of a gazillion choices either. So, pick one of three.


1) Standard

You get all the hosting, email, databases, and other fun stuff you’ll need for your website. 1 GB of disk space and 10GB of transfer. That’s more than enough for your business.

Price: $9 (monthly)


2) Professional Plus

Why in the world would you ever pay more than $10 for hosting? Should I be hurt you’d ask such a thing? Maybe you didn’t notice the “Plus”?

What’s Plus?

  • Daily backup of your website each day. (Get that we’re stressing DAILY?) At the end of each month, we’ll burn that month’s backups to a CD/DVD, slap on some stamps, and ship it to you.
  • Weekly monitoring of your site usage, bandwidth/transfer, and ‘page not found’ errors. Better to catch problems before they get too big.
  • Monthly updates of WordPress and all plugins.
  • Monthly security scan of your site.
  • And, of course, even more disk space (2GB) and transfer (20GB) for your site.

If you see value in that, cool. If not, go with the cheaper option. No feelings hurt.

Price: $75 (monthly)


3) Partner

Same great stuff that you get in Professional Plus. And you get 1 hour of custom work time each month. This is great for those who know they’ll be updating and adding to their site each month. It really is a pretty good deal.

Price: $120 (monthly)

Just for fun, here’s a fourth option for those who want/need 24-hour service.

4) Hostgator

These guys are reliable and their 24hr chat tech support is great (although expect a little longer wait during daytime hours.)

Sometimes they have sales, but expect to pay about $10 per month. This is the standard price in the hosting world, but their service is exceptional. Sign up with Hostgator.

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